This multifunctional furniture design aims to establish an efficient communication channel between individuals living in urban areas and their domestic dog. The fusion of furniture and kennel facilitates a more practical utilization of space in apartments while fostering a closer bond between humans and dogs. The elegant shape and color scheme of the furniture blend seamlessly with modern interior decor. Moreover, the incorporation of seven built-in talk buttons enables easy daily interaction between pet owners and their dogs. To alleviate the psychological burden and stress that individuals face when living alone with dogs in urban settings, we aim to create a more comfortable living environment by optimizing space usage and enhancing
communication efficiency.
Design Concept
According to ASU psychology professor Clive Wynne's academic journal, and other academic journals with information about  domestic dogs. I found some areas where innovation and design could be done. “Dogs also have the ability to preferentially  produce communicative behaviors, These behaviors are described as showing behavior, which includes gaze alternation and  attention-getting behaviors that dogs use to indicate a referent” and “Dogs, like human infants, are very good at following visual,  gestural cues provided by humans, such as pointing or gazing at a specific target.” After conducting extensive research on  pet-human communication, I discovered that dogs possess the ability to comprehend language. Upon analyzing videos of pets  interacting with humans through a third medium, I observed that incorporating vocalization into communication significantly  improves its efficiency and accuracy, reducing the possibility of errors. 
Introducing the "SYMBIO" furniture collection, a professional and sophisticated line of furniture designed for city residents and  their furry companions living in small apartments. The furniture in this collection is multifunctional and blends seamlessly into the  modern urban lifestyle, with its minimalist design and neutral palette complementing the overall aesthetic of the apartment. This  furniture distinguishes itself from commercially available kennels by fostering opportunities for owners and their dogs to spend  quality time together, thereby enhancing intimacy and companionship. Such effective companionship contributes to the dog's  reduced likelihood of suffering from depression, while simultaneously promoting greater happiness and well-being for the owner. 
The core of the SYMBIO chair is designed to provide comfortable seating for humans and their furry friends. The chair facilitates  basic human-dog interaction through a built-in communication system that features a speaker allowing clear communication  between the two. This feature helps eliminate misunderstandings and improves communication, bringing pet owners and their  furry friends closer together.
The SYMBIO sofa features a mesh dog bed that resists pet hair and scratches, making it a durable and practical option for pet  owners. Dogs always seek a comfortable corner with a sense of security, so dogs usually prefer dark environments and cave-like  structures. The kennel under the seat provides a comfortable space for dogs to sleep and hide, allowing them to stay close to their  owners and follow their instincts. 
The entire SYMBIO furniture collection is designed with limited floor space in mind, making it the perfect choice for small  apartments. Its modular design makes it easy to transport and cost-effective. All materials used are of high quality and durable,  ensuring that the furniture will last for many years. 
In short, the SYMBIO furniture collection is the ideal solution for city residents who want to coexist with their furry companions in  small apartment. With its practical and stylish design, human-dog communication system, and durable construction, the SYMBIO  collection is a must-have for any pet owner living in the city. To alleviate the psychological burden and stress that individuals face  when living alone with dogs in urban settings, we aim to create a more comfortable living environment by optimizing space usage  
and enhancing communication efficiency. It provides a heightened living experience for both pets and their owners, enabling them  to coexist in harmony and comfort.
Kendrick Liu,
The Effect of Owner-Dog Exercise on Return Rates of Shelter Dogs
Clyve Wynne, Pshychology Professor at ASU
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